Emergency Plans

In Case of an Emergency:

Call our office at (502) 722-8944 during regular business hours
Call Melvin at (502) 379-2703 after hours

To Request Information on any of our services, you may
email your request to customerservice+westshelbywater+org or call us at (502) 722-8944.

Informational Water Drops:

Stop leaks. Leaks waste water. Twice a year, check all faucets inside and outside for leaks. Replace worn-out fixtures, washers, O-rings, and hose connections. Turn faucets off firmly.

Test your toilet. Add several drops of food coloring to the toilet tank and wait a few minutes. If it is leaking, the coloring will appear in the toilet without flushing.

Winterize outside spigot and your garden hose. Drain outside waterlines and unhook hoses. The water inside hoses will freeze and burst causing possible damage to internal plumbing.

Use ice to cool water. Cool drinking water in refrigerator or with ice, not by running tap. Use leftover drinking water for pets or to water plants. Short showers save water. To conserve water, install a low-flow showerhead and keep showers under five minutes.

Wash cars efficiently. Choose a car wash that recycles water. At home, use a shut-off nozzle and wash your car in small sections. Direct runoff to water landscaping.

Don't let the water run while you brush your teeth or shave. Turn the faucet on briefly to rinse. An electric razor saves the most.

Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) require water utilities to maintain a minimum of 30 psi of water pressure at each meter. Home owners that are having increased demand facilities installed (multiple bathrooms with multiple shower heads and outside irrigation systems), should have their plumber increase the size of the service line coming into the house and inside the house. Builders should always take this into consideration when constructing new homes. Ask your builder if the size of the line they installed is adequate, before purchasing a house.

Our rates, policies and procedures are contained in the Rules and Regulations Manual, approved by the Public Service Commission. This manual is available for public viewing at the District Office. Stop by and have a look!

Local customers can reach us at (502) 722-8944!

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